World-size beauty.

Client Beautybox

Year 2019

What we did
  • Essence
  • Persona
  • Value proposition
  • Naming
  • Visual system
  • Language system
  • Brandbook
  • Brand territories
  • Consumer journey
  • Sales pitch

The challenge With the challenge of reigniting the spark of a dormant brand, the rebranding project of Beautybox, a Grupo Boticário division, evolved into rethinking the entire business model – from essence to experience. The initiative boosted the brand's channel and communication strategy in an increasingly omnichannel world.

The solution As a starting point, we discovered consumers in the limbo between two worlds: they were neither Millennials nor Generation X. These were truly self-made women who were eager for novelty in fragrances, makeup and skin care, but with the pain of not always feeling like they belong to the world of international brands.

In order to put Brazilian women at the center of the world, we streamlined the brand's name (formerly The Beauty Box), imagined the ideal journey and created a bold and timeless identity. Under the “Unbox the world” motto, the new brand extends the category codes to represent brave women who want to explore the world and feel like they are part of something bigger.

A result created by many hands. We carefully thought of every detail of our consumer's ideal journey, so that she could always feel surprised, understood and connected.

Touché! Colors inspired by different moments of the day, with copy that speaks the language of all these women, celebrating urban life around the world.

A pinch of salt.

The result was the revival of a brand connected with its time and ready for the challenges of the new retail market. In 2019, Beautybox put in motion an aggressive plan of store expansion and investment in digital channels to bring the new brand to life.

Photographic production by CP+B Brasil

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